Beijing Sun Light Law Firm was established in July, 1993, authorized by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice. 

After more than a decade of undertaking and struggle, Sun Light has achieved major strides in many professional 

domains including business negotiation, financial law business, securities law business, property law business, 

reorganization, purchase and annexation of enterprises, particularly concerning intellectual property 

and anti-dumping law business.

Quality Cooperation

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    Institutions of higher learning

    Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing Architectural University, North China Electric Power University, Capital Medical University, China University of Mining and Technology, China Media University, Fujian University of Engineering, Shandong University of Science and Technology, Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities, Hebei University, China University of Petroleum and Academy of Disaster Prevention Science and Technology
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    Science and Technology Enterprises

    Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Heilongjiang Institute of Urban Planning Survey and Design, China Railway Bureau 21, Beijing Qixing Chen Information Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Yuanguang Tonglian Technology Co., Ltd., Guodu Xingye Information Audit System Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and Beijing Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering High-tech Shares Yunnan Dianhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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    Foreign Enterprises

    Japan Toshiba Taige Co., Ltd., Japan Suzuki Co., Japan Aviation Co., Ltd., Japan Anstele Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Japan Dajin Co., Ltd., France Archery International Co., Ltd., American Gift Co., Malaysia Science Park Private Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Lefeng Industrial Co., Ltd., American qihai Group
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